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Summer Daze…. Protect you hair this summer with Davines SU/!

Finally the Happy Sunshine days have arrived and just in the nick of time! We hope all of you are enjoying the heat and getting plenty of rays and topping up on the much needed Vitamin D!! As creatures of habit it has become ingrained into our beauty routine to include SPF skin sun protection on the daily, as well as slathering it on when temperatures rise. But what about sun protection for you hair??

We are constantly reminded that the sun is extremely dangerous for our skin and so we make sure we are protected and rightly so but did you know that exposure to UV rays damages the hair as much as it does our skin. The reason hair feels particularly dry over the summer months is because UV rays burn the inside and outside layer of the hair follicle, resulting in brittle and lifeless ends. So like unprotected skin, hair gets sun burnt.

On that note let us introduce to you SU/ by Davines! SU/ is a range of products specifically designed for those sunshine days and the products are filled with moisturisers and antioxidant properties to protect the hair and skin from the damage of free radicals (Free radicals are thought to be responsible for age-related changes in appearance, such as wrinkles and gray hair) caused by exposure to the sun, sea and environmental factors!

SU/ comes from ancient Sanskrit and means “he who has luminous hair” sounds like the kind if hair we all want doesn’t it??

So lets see what is in the range!!!

SU/ Hair & Body Wash After-sun delicate hydrating wash for hair and body. This is a delicate, restorative and moisturising shampoo and shower gel with a formula that produces a rich and thick foam. It cleanses hair and body after sun exposure, helping to prolong the life of your tan. RRP €19! SU BODY WASH


SU/ After-sun  After-sun replenishing cream for face and body. This is an After-sun cream gel specially formulated to hydrate and restore moisture to the skin. It  contrasts skin reddening and burning after sun exposure with a targeted soothing and cooling action. RRP €26!

SU Aftersun


SU/ Tan Maximiser – Nourishing intensive tan enhancer for sun exposed skin. Intensifies and accelerates in a totally natural way the natural pigmentation process of the skin. RRP €26!

SU Tan Maximiser


SU/ Hair Milk – A leave-in protective and softening treatment that provides all of the benefits of a cream and the lightness of a spray. Thanks to anti UV-A and UV-B filters, it protects the hair hydration and color during sun exposure. It has a light formula that conditions hair without weighing it down, leaving it soft and shiny. RRP €30!



SU/ Hair Mask – After-sun nourishing replenishing mask for sun exposed hair. A complete anti-age treatment to replace softness, moisture and shin even to the driest and most opaque hair. Indicated for all hair types, during and after sun exposure. RRP €26!



So thats the entire Davies SU/ range! The SU line has a floral (camellia and mimosa), fruity (apple) and woody fragrance. It smells divine!!!!!! You may remember back to January when Bernie took the products to Tenerife to try them out! Bernies verdict from testing these products is 10 out of 10!!!!!

In her words…

“The smell of the products is beautiful my family were asking what scent I was wearing but it was my hair! Also my copper hair is hard to keep in the summer months as the sun can fade it but I used the hair mask every day!! When heading to the beach I would put it on and tie it up and put a bandanna/hat over it and my hair was still as bright and vibrant when I came home as it was before I left and in amazing condition! The after-sun was soothing on my sunburnt skin (lovely Irish genes I have).. As I dont tan at all only out of a bottle my mother-in-law got great use out of the tan maximiser and she loved it!!!!!!! Her skin was glowing and super tanned after! All in all I loved these products and there are very generous I still had loads of product left on my return which are stored away nicely until my next trip to the sun!!!”

SU holidays


So that’s it lovelies all SU/ products are in stock at the minute so just pop in and chat to one of the girls and even get a smell of the FAB fragrance!!! Limited stock available <3

Hope you all have a lovely time in the sun!

Lots of Love

The Locks and Lace girls xxxx

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