Peppermint & Spearmint – 85ML


Homemade and packed by hand,  ToothFaerie Organic Toothpaste is a natural product created in Ireland.

It is a toxin free, ethically sourced, organic and plastic free toothpaste.

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Suitable for children 7+. Peppermint is not suitable for young children & during pregnancy


With the strength and effectiveness of these ingredients it is automatically ready and able to heal gums in a rapid timeframe. Designed for healing by mother nature herself.
Toothfaerie helps teeth to remineralize themselves and has shown to balance parts of the body it comes into contact with.
Aiding whole body health and wellbeing.


Diatomaceous earth*^, Activated Charcoal from non-gm coconuts^, Xylitol from sustainable birch tree sap^, distilled
water filtered by activated charcoal, calcium carbonate from limestone^, extra virgin olive oil*^, alluminum – free
bicarbonate of soda^, Xechstein magnesium chloride oil, Sangre de Grago tree sap (dragon’s blood)^* , steam distilled
essential oils*^
* Organic soil association
^ Food grade/ pharmaceutical grade

Ingredients In Detail
Made with 95% certified organic ingredients
The remaining 5% is distilled water and pharmaceutical grade calcium carbonate.
Charcoal, unless activated in a kiln, has less health benefits apart from being an abrasive.
Thankfully our charcoal in two of our products; one with peppermint and one flavour free, is an activated charcoal.
It absorbs all disease causing bacteria, viruses, pathogens and unpleasant odors.
Not only that, it is made from the husk of non – genetically modified coconuts from Thailand. This charcoal is purified through many filtration pricesses such as steam, and is food grade safe to consume.
Ours is a very powerful teeth whitener due to a high Charcoal content of superior quality.
Enriched with purest transdermal – active magnesium chloride oil extracted by water from Zechstein seabed
Omega 3, 6 and 9 through cold-pressed extra virgin Koroneiki olive oil grown organically in Crete
Silica through the main ingredient diatomaceous earth clay from freshwater source
Distilled water is first put through a Reverse Osmosis system before distillation.
Essential oils are steam distilled.
The most powerful antioxidant in the world; known as dragon’s blood – Sangre de Grado.
Astringent – tightens gums and skin.
Stimulates collagen production.
Heals and seals wounds of all kinds.
Acts as a second skin when applied.
It is an indigenous plant medicine, in a raw sap form sourced from wild grown crocus lechleri trees from protected Amazonian land in Ecuador.
Ethically harvested through equality and in collaboration with local Quechua tribe. Profits go to planting native trees and plants to expand Amazonian forest.
Some ingredients in Toothfaerie such as the magnesium chloride are transdermal; absorbed into the blood stream through the soft tissue layer, whether that be the skin or gums.
Transdermal is the most efficient way to absorb magnesium which boosts the overall health. It increasing magnetism in the internal and external environment of each cell.
Free From Toxins & Synthetics
No vegetable glycerine (commonly found ingredient that forms a film over teeth preventing remineralization and inhibiting composite repair.)
Zero and very low natural trace amounts of heavy or soft toxic metals such as fluoride, strontium, nickel, aluminium, cadmium, mercury, barium and arsenic. The same amounts you may find in organic vegetables and fruit.
No animal derived products used in production of ingredients. Calcium carbonate is not from coral.
Free from alcahol, ethanol, SLS, Sulphur, sulphites, sulphate, glutamates and glycerol.
Zero microplastics or plastics used during production.
No fillers, gums, flavourings, additives or artificial preservatives, lab – produced or otherwise artificial chemicals.
Containins no common allergens
All Ingredients are ethically and sustainably mined, sourced and extracted from their country of origin.


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