Glass & Mirror – Starter kits in Black Pine


Clean your home in the knowledge that it is safe and eco-friendly, all while leaving a refreshing, woody scent of Pine, spruce, and fir trees.

Kinfill Glass & Mirror Cleaner puts a stop to dirty windows around the house.
The cleaning concentrate has been scientifically-proven to perform. Use it on
mirrors and glass surfaces for a crystal clear result.

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Each Starter kit contains a Forever glass bottle, one vial of natural cleaning
concentrate, and accessories like the rubber bottle protector and durable
plastic trigger spray. It provides you with the full kit to start your clean


Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Isopropyl alcohol
Alkyl glucose
Alcohol Ethoxylate
Alcohol Ethoxylate Propoxylate Ethanol
Methylglycinediacetic acid or trisodium salt


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