Full House Collection


This beautiful home cleaning set is from Dutch eco brand Kinfill.

All products are scientifically-proven to perform and are 100 per cent
biodegradable. Kinfill cleaning concentrates are scented with four evocative
aromas, each bringing a specially formulated aromatic. Our products contain
no palm oil, chlorides, phthalates, parabens and silicone.

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The Full House Collection consists of four forever bottles, plus four extracts in
the fragrances of your choice. Use our Italian glass Forever bottles with any of
our cleaning concentrates. Simply twist off the top of the extract concentrate,
decant into the Forever bottle, add water, replace nozzle, and shake gently.

Inside the box:
— 4 x Kinfill 500ml Forever bottle
— 1 x Multi Surface 10ml cleaning concentrate (Pine Husk)
— 1 x Glass & Mirror 10ml cleaning concentrate (Cucumis)
— 1 x Tub & Tile 10ml cleaning concentrate (Lavender Fields)
— 1 x Floor 10ml cleaning concentrate (Naranja n°55)


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