A relaxing hair and scalp spray made with pure essential oil distillate that soothes and rejuvenates the senses.

Can also be used on the skin as well as hair and scalp as an anti-ageing and energising essential distillate.


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Spray on clean, damp hair and then dry. Spray on body to instill energy and obtain an immediate sensation of well-being.


  • Detox, energy and balance for all types of scalp, hair and mind
  • Tones with an energy boost
  • Awakens the youth of scalp and hair
  • Protective shield against oxidative stress
  • Perfumes with a gentle aromatherapeutic fragrance thanks to the blend of citrus and flowery extremely pure essential oils
  • Creates moments of holistic wellness at home and in the salon
  • With 100% active smart waters


Made from 98% naturally derived ingredients.


  • Biodynamic Lavender Distillate // Rebalancing: soothes irritations and reddening of delicate skins and reduces their inflammation. With sebum-normalising action. Anti-ageing and regenerating: helps cellular rejuvenation of tissues. Restores shine and vitality to hair. Calming and rebalancing: it gives peace to mind and body, guaranteeing serenity.
  • Biodynamic Rosemary Distillate // Stimulating: promotes blood circulation in the scalp, improving the health and growth of hair. Anti-oxidant: protects the scalp from ageing. Inhibits the oxidation on surface lipids. Protective: the Rosemary distillate protects the hair from environmental stress (smog, pollution, sun) and from chemical treatments.
  • Fair Trade Arazà Extract // Fair trade Arazà from Central America, nourishing and rich in antioxidant Vitamin C. A very high-quality natural ingredient, manually processed by the local population.
  • Biodynamic Centifolia Rose Distillate // Moisturising: keeps the water for jellification; in adverse climatic conditions, it constitutes a shield that impedes dehydration processes. Vitamin-nourishing and anti-ageing: rich in vitamin C and tannins, it has a revitalising action and counteracts scalp and hair ageing. Micro-stimulating: stimulates blood circulation, providing vitality.


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