Floor cleaner – Starter kits in Cucumis


This fragrance calls to mind the outdoors
and open spaces. Naturally energetic, cool
and fresh, the light scent of the cucumis
sativus flower

Kinfill Floor Cleaner takes great care of your floors and is created as an
answer to the alarming problem with single-use plastics. The concentrate
rates a PH of 6.8 on the acidity scale, meaning that it is close to neutral (7.0)
and therefore safe to use on wooden floors, natural stone, or concrete floors.

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Each Starter kit contains a Forever glass bottle, one vial of natural cleaning
concentrate, and accessories like the rubber bottle protector and durable
plastic trigger spray. It provides you with the full kit to start your clean


Floor Cleaner
Ethoxylated alcohol
Alkyl amide ethoxylate
Methylglycinediacetic acid or trisodium salt
Isopropyl alcohol
Citric Acid


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