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Post – Pregnancy or other Hair Loss worries..?? You NEED to read this!!

Are you fed up with  dreaded post pregnancy hair loss??? Are you losing hair due to various issues?? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!!!

As we are One month closer to the sunshine (woohoooo) and that time when we take our hair out from behind the wool we want to let you in on our HAIR HERO for this month!!

This months blog is about Hair loss!!!! We have had a lot of clients in lately with hair loss complaints!! Some clients are post-baby, some with fragile hair due to hormonal changes, some due to seasonal changes and hair loss due to other factors! Who would have thought all these things can affect our hair follicles???

Well guys we want to introduce you to this AMAZING product the Davines Naturaltech Energizing Range! Lets start off with the technical stuff and why this range is perfect for hair loss. Using advanced technology allowing Davines to formulate high performing products the natural-tech formulas contain phytoceuticles, active biological compounds only found in plants and proven to have exceptional anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The entire Davines Natural-tech range have been designed to be a solution to target SPECIFIC scalp and hair conditions!

This range stimulates and protects the hair follicles by using phytoceuticles (natural caffeine) to stimulate the cellular metabolism and improve blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. The feeling of this range on your scalp is amazing and the menthol smell is divine!!! You can really feel it getting to work as soon as it is applied!



Energizing Shampoo – this is a mild shampoo for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out.  Energizing Shampoo

How to use: Gently massage approximately a tablespoon of product into your roots, let soak for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For intensive treatment, use every other day for one month. For maintenance, use twice a week for two months.

RRP: €21.00





Energizing Seasonal Superactive – Regenerating lotion to counteract hair loss due to STRESS and SEASONAL factors.Energizing Seasonal Superactive

Uses: For treating fragile and breakage-prone hair. The leave-in Energizing Seasonal Superactive specifically targets hair loss due to SEASONAL factors. Helps stimulate new hair growth. Reinforces weak hair to prevent breakage. Adds instant fullness and thickens.

How to use: Spray all over damp scalp after washing hair with Energizing Shampoo. Style as usual.

RRP: €62.00




Energizing Superactive – Stimulating serum to counteract hair loss caused by personal factors. Energizing Superactive

Uses: For treating fragile and breakage-prone hair.

How to use: Spray all over damp scalp after washing hair with Energizing Shampoo. Style as usual.

RRP: €70.00





Energizing Gel – Treatment for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out. Energizing Gel

Uses: For treating fragile and breakage-prone hair. The leave-in gel soothes the scalp and deeply penetrates to stimulate new hair growth.

How to use: Apply directly to scalp after washing and conditioning hair. Do not wash.

RRP: €24.00




Energizing Thickening Tonic – Thickening tonic for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out.

Energizing Thickening Tonic

Uses: For treating fragile and breakage-prone hair. The leave-in Thickening Tonic works to instantly add a fuller, volumised effect to fine hair.

How to use: Spray directly onto clean damp hair, do not rinse, then style as usual.

RRP: €48.00






Here at Locks & Lace we can’t speak highly enough of this product range we LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

This is a great range especially for POST BABY hair-loss! Also for hair loss due to the MANY of the other factors that can impact your hair!!!

Call in and chat to any of our ladies and they can go through which products from the range they think will suit your hair problems!! Or next time you are in for your colour/blowdry ask the ladies to use this range on you so you can feel the effects!

There is 20% off the Energizing Range this month so now is the perfect time to stock up!

As always, for appointments, call us on 071-9128160, email or message us on facebook.

Lots of Love

The Locks & Lace team xxx





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