agricosmetics® means growing zero-mile plants, flowers and medicinal and aromatic shrubs on our ORTOFFICINA estate, on the hills of Bologna. It means choosing the biodynamic method – the healthiest and cleanest, which does not require the use of chemicals to obtain pure, ultra-effective essential oils, hydrolates and extracts that become active ingredients in OWAY treatments.

agricosmetics® is packaging OWAY formulas, rich in natural ingredients, only in glass and aluminum, precious, protective and completely recyclable materials. It means eliminating unnecessary and superfluous packaging and making the necessary tools exclusively in eco-sustainable paper, wood, metal, cotton: natural materials that convey authentic sensations. It means using renewable energy for business processes to reduce the environmental footprint.

agricosmetics® is creating concentrated products, rich in active ingredients so that, in the salon and at home, they are used in the right quantities, thus avoiding waste. agricosmetics® is a way of thinking, a way of life, a conscious choice. It is putting care, conscience and attention in every choice and action, and creating quality products that respect environment and people.


We believe that using pure, natural ingredients in our products is key to a healthier body and a better quality of life. That’s why we grow the ingredients for our essential oils at Ortofficina, our biodynamic farm covering over 50,000 sq m in the hills of Bologna. The biodynamic method is the purest and cleanest type of cultivation, free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers used in conventional agriculture, it allows obtaining the most concentrated and effective active ingredients, in respect of the ecosystem. We then use steam distillation to extract the essentail oils and hydrolats from our organic ingredients without the use of synthetic solvents. Hydrolats are the product of the distillation of aromatic plants; active waters imbued with the hydrosoluable extracts of the plants, rich in properties.


At Organic Way we respect the environment in a concrete, tangible way. We help reduce pollution caused by plastics using only 100% recyclable, infinitely reusable glass and aluminium containers for all OW products (not waste but resources!).

85% Glass: Glass is 100% pure, endlessly recyclable, does not release toxic substances or contain the chemical products found in other packaging materials and preserves the integrity of our botanical formulas. OW labels are made of ecological paper, not plastic, and do not need to be removed when the product is finished.

15% Aluminium: Aluminium recycling uses an amount of energy equal to only 5% of that used for its production from scratch. Recovered aluminium, of identical quality to the original, is used in building, mechanics and household products, as well as in the packaging sector.

0% Overpackaging: To minimise our impact on the environment, we opted to use only the minimum amount of packaging (all recycled, recyclable or eco-certified). For this reason our aluminium tubes and our glass bottles and jars are not packaged or come in reusable birch wood boxes or paper recovered from agricultural waste.


For any ingredients that we are unable to grow at our biodynamic farm, we collaborate with international fair trade purchasing networks. Fair trade purchasing guarantees producers a fair return and dignified work conditions, eliminating speculative intermediation and supporting self-development projects.

The producer organisations do not use child labour and envisage a strong presence of women in participative and decision-making processes, thus guaranteeing increase income to families. The protection of the environment is guaranteed in all production phases and the farms respect local crops and biodiversity.

Those who don’t want to choose between health and fashion

The development of green chemistry demonstrate that it is possible to obtain excellent products without using aggressive toxic chemicals, through the use of formulas which improve the hair, scalp and the skin structures from one treatment  to the next.

Extremely poor oils, butter, vegetable emollients, phyto-proteins, minerals and salts are the key to the effectiveness of our treatments. Naturally derived boosters give long lasting shine, protection and health to your skin and hair.


At Oway we persue a goal: to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle that we like to call the ORGANIC WAY OF LIFE

The Organic Way of Life begins at the company with the use of renewable energy and electric cars, recycling of materials, eco-sustainable furniture, yoga lessons and zero-mile organic shopping for employees. It passes through the salons, which more and more choose to differentiate themselves through natural, high quality products and treatments bringing wellbeing to people.

We aim to inspire all those who choose an authentic, transparent lifestyles with attention to detail and respect to the environment: the Owayans. An international community of enthusiasts with respect to the themes that rotate around our virtuous circle and our values (biodynamics and organic, fair-trade ecology & care for the planet, clean chemistry, fashion and design, holistic beauty, health and true wellbeing.

Oway has developed a world of supporters who spread values that go beyond cosmetics across all the continents: an increased, personally interpreted creativity that is expanded by both professionals and by those who experience the products in their daily lives.