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Let Emma create a beautiful bespoke, custom made hat to go perfectly with any outfit for that special occasion. With this bespoke millinery service, she can create a one-off hat within four week for any event, whether you are a bride, mother of the bride or groom or just a hat lover like ourselves, Emma will work with you to create the perfect piece.

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Emma’s hats are handcrafted and hand stitched to the highest of standards, and created with the highest quality of sourced materials. Alternatively, choose from Emma’s wide range of ready to wear or rent the perfect piece with the amazing renal service available.

 All Emma’s hats are priced individually, with orders coming in from all over the North West and beyond as she also sends her one-off pieces to customers abroad.

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Contact Locks & Lace to arrange your 1st consultation, where you can bring your outfit along and always bring photos of any hat shapes, sizes or ideas that you have in mind. You will be greeted by Emma where you can sit and have a coffee and chat about your big day or event to paint a picture to give Emma an idea of the perfect piece for you. You will get a chance of trying hats and head pieces on and find the perfect fit and colour scheme .

Once you are happy with Emma’s ideas you will arrange your next consultation for two weeks were a fitting will take place then two weeks after will be completion and collection of hat or head piece.

There is always a 4 week turn around other wise arranged .

There is a 50% non refundable deposit paid on first consultation before work will commence.

All prices include first consultation, one fitting and one alteration.

Additional construction €20 30 mins

Additional alterations €50

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Choose from an array of handcrafted hats on display. All hats are boxed in beautiful hat boxes on purchases and some amazing prices. Really worth taking the time to look.

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All hats on display are available for rental.

Rental is €50.00 for a 3-day period.

All hats and head pieces have a €50.00 deposit that is refunded on the return of the piece in perfect condition.

You will be asked to sign a photo of the piece on the day of rental and a contract that you will return the piece in the condition you have rented it in for full return of deposit.

This is a great way of having a new hat for every occasion without the price of a new piece every time and the storage.

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