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LOCKS & LACE – Welcome to Our Salon!!!

Hello there! February already can you believe that SPRING IS HERE and we cannot wait for the longer brighter evenings to happen upon us! For this blog we wanted to go back to basics and let you know about the Locks and Lace ethos and why you should come and let us fulfill all your hair desires!

Here at the salon we embrace the ever changing hair industry, sometimes tweaking it to suit our clients needs. However, we also never forget what we’ve learned and remain true to our roots. We strive to be at the cutting edge of hairdressing (no pun intended), but at the same time reflect on the environment that we work in. The way in which we give back is by following an Italian innovative idea called Zero Environmental Impact Salons established by an amazing hair-care brand named Davines.


Davines is an amazing company after our own hearts, striving to deliver on its sustainable beauty ethos. Not only are their products PPD & paraben free; they use organic ingredients where possible and are also cruelty free. Along with the use of wind farming and the replanting of trees, Davines are as sustainable as it gets. They also have a 98% natural colour line suitable for post and pre-cancer patients containing no ammonia or peroxide.


We have a huge range of Davines products available for retail sales so if you love the smell of the shampoo Emma is using on you.. the serum Lynnette feels will give your hair a lift… or the treatment Mags nourishes your hair with… just ask us and we can let you know what products the ladies have specifically chosen to use for your hair type!


As some of you may not be aware we carry a varied range of nail products and services here at Locks & Lace! We carry a nail polish range that has a very low chemical content called Nailberry with the most beautiful colours. We also have 2/3 week nails by Biosculpture EVO2 and Artistic Dip! All of our nail products are cruelty free and have low chemical contents in comparison to other nail products! Their are also many treatments in salon for your nails – mini manicures, treatments for dry/damaged nails and here we aim to keep your nails feeling strong and gorgeous…

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Locks & Lace isn’t just a salon, we also think of it as somewhere you can come to socialise and get away from the real world for a while. Relax and enjoy our freshly ground coffee, our carefully sourced herbal teas and our healthy, locally made treats. So next time you’re passing by why not pop in and embrace the ambiance of our cosy little cottage. Relax and unwind with a big cup of tea (or glass of wine) and get your hair done. Whatever you choose to do at Locks & Lace, you’ll be safe in the knowledge you are in the friendliest, most caring and one of a kind salon in the country.

Thanks for reading and as you already know for appointments or information on any of our services/products just call us on 0719128160, email us on or message on Facebook..

Lots of Love

The Locks and Lace Team xxx

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