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Hi Guys Happy New Year from all of the team here at L&L!

If you are like us ladies here at Locks and Lace your inner self is silently screaming, ‘How is it 2018 already? Where did that year go?’ but our outer most fabulous person is saying, ‘Oh hey new hair, this is the year for a change’. We all know how freshly done beautiful locks make us feel so lets take a look at the hottest trends for 2018!! Whether it’s the return of hair bands and school girl plaits, or working a bob with a fringe – the new year brings with it the perfect opportunity to test out the most wanted hairstyles and hair trends working their way down the runways and into Locks and Lace. In this blog we have put our heads together to come up with our TOP 3 hair trends that you NEED to try!!!

  1. BLONDE, BLONDE, BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blondes are known for having the most fun, and with all of the amazing trends in blonde highlighting, We say that it’s true! Whether you go bold with large piecey highlights, or soft and subtle, the options for blonde hair highlights are absolutely endless. If its a Full Head of Highlights, Balyage, Ombre or even to Brighten up natural light brown hair you cant go wrong with some beautiful highlights to brighten up your life and your hair! Blonde is the new Black!!!!





Babylights are very delicate, white-blonde highlights created using a very fine colour technique to mimic that blonde hue achieved if your hair is naturally lightened in the sun. One of the main attractions of the Babylights techniques is that it can be applied to any hair colour and any length (long/short). Babylights are meant to create subtle dimension and playful color on a one-dimensional color without looking like a traditional highlight and resulting in sun-kissed hair results! Essentially, they’re perfect for when you’re wanting a lighter look without the effect of highlights. Babylights should give hair a unique update that’s both very flattering and personalized. Babylights don’t have to be blonde they can be coloured anyway you wish!




A long bob, or lob, as it is also known, has continuously been dubbed the hairstyle of the year!! This recognition is so deserved because the style manages to be flattering for a variety of different face shapes, hair textures and complexions. To put it simply, the lob is classic and universal. Lobs are beautiful in any texture – straight and sleek or wavy and messy. You can wear your lob as a down-do, or lift your locks up in a sort of up-do or half-up hairstyle – there are SO SO many options with this style and there’s ALWAYS a quick and easy styling method, depending on your hair type.



So there they are guys and gals our predictions for 2018’s hair trends!!! If your thinking of changing hair colour or going for a new style there is no time like the present!! and remember that if you change and you find its not for you your hair will grow back!!!!!! We can guarantee that you will be so happy you mustered up the courage for the change!!! NEW YEAR.. NEW HAIR.. NEW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you all very soon call us anytime for appointments on 0719128160, message us on Facebook, book online or email appointment.locksandlace@gmail,com!!! and remember of its your first time to have your colour done with us or its been over 6 months since your last colour with us we will need to do a patch test 48hours before your appointment 🙂 xx

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