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Davines Hair Assistant… Where the Blowdry Magic Happens!!!!!!

This months blog and our product of the month here at Locks & Lace is the “Davines Hair Assistant Range”!! We absolutely LOVE these products!!! Here at L&L we know that EVERY woman loves a beautiful, bouncy blow-dry that is full of body.. right?? Is it not the best feeling in the world when your hair just looks perfectly straight and volumous!!!?

Ladies you need to enter the Davines Hair Assistants magical world! This bodifying tonic has an anti-humidity effect for all hair types. The formula provides texture and protection against heat and humidity, enhancing the natural shine of the hair and reducing the blow-drying time. It is an essential support for creating the state-of-the-art blow-dry and it can be used with all hot tools.

If you aren’t already seduced by the beautiful and delicate looking soft pink packaging of these products (they match the colour scheme here at L&L perfectly) then once you smell the beautiful aroma of jasmine & mint you wont be able to resist!!

So now lets get down to business… What products are in this range I hear you ask!! There are seven products all together in the range, all of which are free from sulfates and parabens, and are divided into 3 categories, namely Washing & Conditioning, Styling and Finishing. The Washing and Conditioning category includes the shampoo and conditioners (Mild Cream or Rich Balm) to prep your hair for the blow dry experience.

1. Prep Shampoo

Prep Shampoo

A moisturising & nourishing shampoo, with rich and voluptuous foam! It gently cleanses the hair, removes styling residue and leaves the hair feeling soft and light, ready for the next step!

This shampoo smells glorious and is suitable for all hair types!






2. Prep Mild Cream/Prep Rich Balm

These conditioners work wonders on the hair! There are 2 different conditioners depending on the type of hair!

The Prep Mild cream is an elasticising and moisturising conditioner for FINE to MEDIUM hair. It deeply moisturises and de-tangles hair without weighing it down! This conditioner leaves the hair super silky, compact and soft!

The Prep Rich Balm is a nourishing conditioner for thick or treated hair. It nourishes dehydrated and stressed hair making it compact without weighing it down and restores original softness. It de-tangles hair easily, leaving it light and silky!


Next is the Styling product…

3. The Blow-dry Primer

The Blow-dry Primer, which enhances the natural shine of hair and helps to reduce drying time.

Blowdry Primer

A bodyfying tonic with an anti-humidity effect for all hair types. It is the hero productof the line according to Davines! It adds body to the hair, protects it from heat and humidity, with an invisible and natural effect!


Lastly, the Finishing products….

4. The Definition Mist

Definition Mist


A texturising spray that enhances natural hair shine! It controls the electrostatic effect with an excellant anti-frizz action for a long-lasting blow-dry, even in the worst weather conditions.






5. The Volume Creator

Volume creator

A fine texturising and mattifying powder, which creates volume while protecting the blow-dried hair from humidity. This formula is all-natural, obtained from micronised coconut and bamboo powder reduced to tiny particles…!! Isn’t Science an amazing thing!?





Last but by no means least…

6. Perfecting Hairspray

perfecting hairspray

A medium hold hairspray with an invisible effect for a long-lasting blow-dry! It adapts to the hair, preserving natural movement. It dries very quickly and is super easy to work with after application! It is humidity- resistant and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. This spray gives the perfect hold and freedom of movement for the PERFECT blow-dry!!




So that is it my lovelies, hope you enjoyed reading a little about our BRILLIANTLY AMAZING Davines HAIR ASSISTANT range and we hope to see you in salon soon for some pampering! If you would like to try these products for a beautiful blow-dry just let your stylist know before going to the basin for your hair wash! We promise you wont be dissapointed!! Also if you fall in love with the products as much as we do we are currently offering 10% off the retail products only for a very limited time . Give us a call on 071-9128160, book online via Facebook or message us!!!

Much love from all the girls at Locks & Lace xxxxxxx

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