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DAVINES.. the gift that keeps on giving!!

Happy July guys and isn’t this weather AMAZING!!!! So I feel like Davines are just knocking it out of the ballpark EVERY-TIME with these new products they are bringing out for us!

Introducing “THE CENTURY OF LIGHT”.. This is the newest and unbelievably great offering from Davines!!! This trio of products namely Progress, Liberty & Tolerance is Davines’ new PREMIUM bleaching system which has been formulated to RESPECT & PROTECT the hair during any lightening technique offering a comfortable and delicate bleaching service for the hair!


The technical bits…. The Davines Research & Development Laboratories have done lots of research especially into treatments that strengthen and protect the keratin bonds, which are the major structural factor of the hair, and they have created a special blend of ingredients with a strong reinforcing and anti-oxidant action. Davines have created an EXCLUSIVE HAIR PROTECTIVE BOOSTER, combining the strengthening power of maleic acid with the strong antioxidant power of lipoic acid, which has an extraordinary effect on the hair as it protects it from oxidative damage that can weaken or lead to breakage during the bleaching or lightening services. The hair will be elastic, compact and extremely soft.

The formulas for Progress and Liberty are enriched with this exclusive HAIR PROTECTIVE BOOSTER; Tolerance, is dermatologically  tested to support its gentleness on the scalp thanks to the presence of the oils contained in the formulation.

The name of the service/products was inspired by a period in the 18th century when science came to the forefront. This period was known alternately as the Age of Enlightenment or The Century of Light.


The system comprises of three products, each named after a word that helped define the period. We’re impressed! Seriously cool packaging, too. Take a look: 

Progress is a multi-purpose bleaching powder for partial or total lightening;



Liberty is a bleaching powder designed for free-hand techniques to support the creativity of the colorist;



and Tolerance is an ammonia-free, oil-based lightening product for delicate use especially around the scalp area.


And, of course, as you’d expect from Davines, all products are presented in recycled PET jars (this is a plastic coming from vegetal and renewable sources which helps to reduce the environmental impact in comparison to traditional plastic packaging).

As if this product wasn’t already blowing our minds because of the effectiveness BUT because the integrity of the hair is preserved the colour will effectively have longevity in comparison to traditional lightening products..

So that is it friends a brief intro to this amazing range from Davines always innovating to bring us the best, safest and sustainable products in the market!! In short this range guarantees high performance lightening with safety and reliability without any compromise to the hairs integrity and guarantees outstanding results immediately after the service… sure what else could we ask for???

Pop in for a colour consultation if you are thinking of using these products or just give us a call on 071-9128160 and talk to one of our amazing stylists 🙂

Much love

The Locks and Lace team xxxxxx



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