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The Circle Chronicles… Meet our AH-MAZ-ING new hair treatments!!

Happy 1st of December to our lovely readers! Can you believe it is that time of the year already? We are super excited to introduce to you our Locks & Lace family the newest creation by Davines.. The Circle Chronicles range of luxury hair treatments! Davines say that their new hair mask line will follow you and your agenda, taking care of your hair during your busy weekly routine!

Just like the face, the hair and scalp have zones with different needs! For those who have been blessed genetically when it comes to their hair, shampoo and conditioner seem to do the trick as far as hair care is concerned. But even for the blessed among us, elements beyond our control (pollution, humidity, hair products, medication), as well as our diets and the chemical processes that we put our hair and scalp through often cause damage that can’t be remedied by typical off-the-shelf products. And so this is where hair treatments come in.

We would usually recommend clients to do a hair treatment every 1 – 1.5 months to keep the hair in tip top condition. In the case of hair health prevention is definitely better than cure: don’t wait till your hair is dry or damaged before you attempt to revive it – it may even be too late! When hair is thoroughly dehydrated and brittle, there’s really nothing much anyone can do except wait for it to grow out, and to cut it off. Instead, regular pampering will ensure your hair remains at the peak of its health before it ever reaches that stage.

So, without further ado I would like to introduce to you the Circle Chronicles by Davines – 5 new hair treatments we have in salon to make sure that your friends will all have serious Hair Envy!!

First up, THE QUICK FIX CIRCLE, this treatment is designed for clients who may have a special event coming it gives an extraordinary shine, ready for life’s special moments!! This is a quick 3 minute treatment for clients who are on the go – so no excuses!!


Next up we have THE SPOTLIGHT CIRCLE! This treatment is for clients who are always on the go!! It leaves the hair perfectly hydrated and smooth and is a 10 minute treatment! spotlight-circle-1

Introducing THE RENAISSANCE CIRCLE! This is designed for clients that are frequent users of hot tools or that is subjected to chemical treatments. The Renaissance treatment repairs damaged hair, restoring health, shine and softness! This is a 10 minute treatment!


Say hello to THE WAKE-UP CIRCLE! This treatment is for clients that are frequently travelling, always on the road or maybe a lover of the party lifestyle! This treatment i designed to give the hair a new lease of life, new energy and volume for stressed hair and scalp! This is a 10 minute treatment!


And last but by no means least.. THE PURITY CIRCLE! This 10 minute treatment is suited to clients who spend a lot of time outdoors meaning that the hair is subject to many pollutants/different weather conditions and also for clients who feel that the hair & scalp need a complete detox! As the name suggests it purifies the hair and scalp from impurities from pollution, heavy metals and free radicals.


Another great thing about these treatments is that they can be mixed and matched for a specific hair type or specific result! This process is called MULTI-MASKING! Multi-masking is the combination of different hair masks on the three main areas; scalp. lengths and ends and they can address several specific hair and scalp needs in one swoop! There are 4 combinations of Multi-Masking that will transform the hair – below is a diagram of those 4 amazing treatments!!


So that is it my lovelies, hope you enjoyed reading a little about our new range and we hope to see you in salon soon for some pampering! We are currently offering an introductory price of €5 for the in-salon treatment only for a very limited time (RRP: €13.50). We also have take-home pouches for €10 and these are the perfect stocking filler for that special someone! Give us a call or message us to book in for your treatment and give your hair and scalp some much needed TLC!!

Much love from all the girls at Locks & Lace xxxxxxx

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